Reasons why People Like Dogs

Why do some people like dogs? Is this because dogs are cute? Or is it because they are marvelous when they are around? Many people have dogs as pets or just an animal to take care of. Dogs should not be scattering around because it is a law that dogs should be tied. However, there are still so many dogs untied.

This is because dogs serves as guards in their homes when danger comes. These are dogs that would just be roaming around and normally, these are just fed at home. They really have no place to go except to guard their house . Dogs are also pet of those who want to stay with someone in a house. For those who are staying in a house rent, dogs are not allowed this is why they are suppose to be staying quiet.

So other would go to the hospital and debark the dog so that they can not bark that loud. When they are staying in a house, there will be times when they will be found barking but they have no voice. A dog is  a friend that can protect you when you are in trouble or you are sleeping, whether you are in the house or outside. Dogs when close to their master, want to be noticed and loved by their master so that they can both love each other so much and that they can be bound together.

Since dogs have so many breed, there are different ways to feed dogs according to their breed.