Friendliest Dogs to Care

Not all dogs are friendly and quiet. Among so many dogs, there are just some dogs that are rude and naughty. High breed dogs are very nice dogs for children and adults.

Bichon Frise is perfect for having a pet. There are so many kinds of dogs to stay with but this dog is so cute that you can play with wherever you go and wherever you stay. They are easily trained too.

Shi Tzu is a good toy dog and is not much expensive. It is good because their fur is not scattered. Actually, there is no fur fall for this kind of dog. By its name, it can be understood that it originated from China.

Pomeranian is a German breed dog good enough for living at home. They are not that noisy and not that cruel when seeing strangers. They are really very cute and they are so adorable especially when they are puppy.


Akita dog is one of the friendliest dog in the world. It is a Japanese breed and this dog likes playing with people but when angry, very scary.

Havanese is a very beautiful dog. It is like Shi Tzu but is more beautiful and more active. It easily recognizes people so she does not show anger easily.

English Mastiff is good a good company when going around. It is not naughty and does not easily bark to visitors. It has a shy nature and it has a good sense of belonging. There is no doubt that she is a good pet.